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Thread: Replacement carbide tips

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    Replacement carbide tips

    Are tips from different manufactures compatible. Primarily where can I buy tips for a large shopfox and medium size grizzly chisel. Grizzly wont let me purchase from them.

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    Lots of places sell replacement carbide tips. AZ Carbide is my go to but as long as the company will tell you if it will fit then I really doubt that there is much difference. There are a few who it seems to me are trying to make you buy their tools but I pretty much make all my own and it an be a little tricky to match. Not sure if this helps or not because I am unfamiliar with your tools.

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    Search on Amazon. I get my round tips from yufutol on Amazon and they cost $4.50 each purchased as a group of 10. Are they as sharp as the originals? I don't know but they last a me a long time.

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