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    I just finished my first instrument, which is a ukulele concert. I had absolutely no experience before starting this project, but I'm really happy with the result.

    My main goal is now to build an acoustic guitar, but in the meantime, here is a quick recap video of my ukulele build:

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    Looks good ! Sometimes no experience is actually good. Having been exposed to radio Arthur Godfrey and his ukulele
    when I was a child...I am unlikely to forget what that was like ! But I'm glad it's available for those who want to enjoy it
    "in the privacy of their own home !"

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    Great build and video, Mathieu! What part(s) of the build did you enjoy most?

    I have built one acoustic guitar and want to build more - they're a blast, for sure. Our soundman at church wants me to try a ukulele and I may do that one day. I have plenty of suitable wood that's not large enough for a guitar so a ukulele just makes sense.

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    yea, give it a shot!

    I think the part I enjoyed the most was carving the neck.

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    Very nice work and video. thanks for posting.
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