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Thread: Gun stock Checkering Laser patterns/other laser vector Art

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    Gun stock Checkering Laser patterns/other laser vector Art

    Goodafternoon all,

    I am looking for a good source of Laser Engraving patterns for both Gun stock scenes, checkering and other Vector Art available out there.
    I have done several web searches but have not come up with any real solid leads. Epilog only has one very plain pattern that I've found.
    I have a book too but really would prefer to down load and not have to scan and tweak every drawing.
    any help would be great.

    Kind regards,

    Tim J. Ziegler
    Ziegler WoodWork & Specialty

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    Welcome to SMC. Here is a link to an old thread on this topic.

    CorelDraw is your friend.
    Mike Null

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Null View Post

    Welcome to SMC. Here is a link to an old thread on this topic.

    CorelDraw is your friend.

    Thanks Mike,

    It kicked me out when I tried to go those threads?


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    The thread is fine, however you cannot see pictures here until you become a Contributor.

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    There is a guy that is creating artwork for sale that I have purchased from, is his website.
    He's got a bunch of various items.....
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    Thanks Keith, I contributed last night. So I should be good to go?
    Where do I see that I've been accepted as a contributor Keith?

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    So I am working on trying to get the checkering or texturing in Bitmaps however I can not get the feature to ungray? I have a box selected just for a test and was going to texture it and it will not let me? I have Corel Draw 2018 version?
    should I add that to my original post?

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    Ok so I found I have to convert to a Bitmap then the texture along with several other features are active. Guess I just need to keep digging.

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    hell, make your own in Corel-- quickie lesson to make a basic knurled pattern--

    I drew a long vertical line, then made 20 copies 1/8" apart--
    I want a 35 crosshatch, so I group them, copy them, then rotate the copy 70, then group it all and rotate it back 35--

    Now I draw an oval shape within the grid (it can be ANY shape) and then using 'power clip' I removed everything around the oval,
    then enlarged the oval (it's over 8" tall now)
    I'm not all that familiar with power clipping, and found that the grid within the oval was somehow 'locked',
    and wouldn't ungroup from the oval, nor could I thicken the outline of the grid. So what I did was export the
    set as a DXF, then just imported it back, and that took care of it, and I was able to add thickness to the outlines
    to suit me-

    from here I boxed it all and COMBINED it, then clicked on 'convert outline to object', which created an
    engraveable closed object from my single outlines, so I went from single lines to a closed object:

    NOTE that you don't HAVE to convert to object if using a C02 laser, you can just thicken up single lines with the outline tool and a C02 laser will raster them the same way-
    but for a fiber, you need to change it to a closed object.
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    Thanks Kevin, Great information. We are extremely new to Corel Draw and need all the guidance we can get.
    I'm a woodworker by trade so learning how to draw is going to be a challenge.

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