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Thread: Anti kickback for newer Unisaw?

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    Anti kickback for newer Unisaw?

    I got a used newer Unisaw. Its missing some parts such as the anti kickback that mounts to the splitter.
    THe Delta list shows this part A28414 as a anti kickback. Everywhere I look online it says discontinued.
    I thought this was a new saw?

    Is there another part that will work or does it need to be this unique Delta part?
    thank you

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    Welcome to Delta and parts "availability"

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    Anti kick back pawls aren't essential items. You can use your saw without them. There are some things that you need to set up on your saw to reduce the possibility of a kick back. First, you need to insure the blade is precisely aligned with the miter slot. Second you need to align the fence with the same miter slot. The fence can tail away at the back a little bit, but absolutely cannot tail in. I would leave the splitter in place or see if there is an after market riving knife for your saw.

    There are other after market devices that can be used to prevent kickbacks. I use push sticks and my Grip Tite feather boards when ever I am ripping a board. My set up looks like this:lsfence1.jpg

    Some folks like the "Grr-Ripper"

    Learn to stand where pieces being cut between the fence and the blade cannot come back and hit you if they should try. Never cut anything against the fence that is wider than it is long as it is being cut. Keep your blade height about an inch above the top of the piece being cut. More height is better than too little. Use a ripping blade (20-24 teeth) when ripping. Yes a combination blade will also work but not as well. Avoid ripping with high tooth count (50+ teeth) blades.

    If you are uncomfortable with a set up to make a cut, find another way to do it. Never work when you are frustrated or tired. You need to be alert when using poser tools.
    Lee Schierer
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    It might be difficult finding an equivalent for that specific part, but you could pursue a couple alternative paths: (1) Look for an entire splitter assembly, either leftover new stock or used. I see a couple on that big auction site everyone knows about., once you register as a member, has a buy-and-sell forum where you can post a Want To Buy message. That goes for this site as well, if you'll spend the $6 it takes to become a Contributor for a year. (2) Consider a third-party splitter and/or guard. The Shark Guard is a popular one. The MJ Splitter is an option but lacks the guard (and the anti-kickback pawl assembly) and won't coexist with your stock guard.
    Chuck Taylor

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    Thank you. Good advise. Ive used smaller Powermatic 1hp saws table saw for decades without a anti kickback or a pawl and dont recall ever having an issue with kickback.
    This used Unisaw I got has a 5hp motor so it got me worrying a little bit since its so much more powerful. Ill use the saw for a while and maybe the fear factor will reduce.

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    Just did a google search -- Renovo parts has it in stock:

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    thoughtful. thank you! $14 to ship is hard to stomach.

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