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Thread: Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

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    Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

    8 Feb 2020

    All I have done this past week is work at the day job. I have worked this past week that would normally be two and a half weeks worth of work. My hope is that this week will be less hours spent working behind a computer.

    Thatís it for me, so what did you do this past week?

    Best of weeks to you all.
    Thanks & Happy Wood Chips,
    Dennis -
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    Finished up my torsion box top. Learned a lot about how not to make torsion boxes.

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    Saturday morning I made a trip to the nearest big box store to see if I could find a flat piece of 3/8" plywood to use as the substrate for my armchair seat. I don't know why I never learn my lesson. There's evidently such a boom market for potato-chip-shaped plywood they don't even stock the kind one would use for flat work. I picked up a few other things I needed, but I came home without any plywood.

    Later Saturday, I replaced our garage door opener. That went relatively smoothly, and the new opener works well.

    Sunday was a more relaxed day. A couple of new DMT stones arrived, and I began breaking them in with one of my beater chisels.

    Apparently my replacing of the garage door opener angered the patron saint of professional garage door installers, because Sunday evening, after the cars were safely parked inside and the door was closed, the tension spring snapped in the middle. At least I'm grateful that it didn't happen the day before while I was working right next to it, but what a Monday I have to look forward to when it gets started the night before. We got the door raised and the cars out this morning, and we'll get a pro to handle the spring.
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    Sad you got stuck at the desk so much this past week, Dennis...

    I didn't have a particularly active week due to various distractions, but did get a few things moving along in the shop. I'm about to complete the final assembly of a product I've been testing/evaluating after fabricating a few more components. Me being me, I had to, um...personalize things a bit with the CNC. I also did some of the first turning I've done in a long time as a client "volunteered" to fix a friend's chair and needed a new leg and a new stretcher to replace broken parts. He provided the material and samples and I turned the parts on Friday afternoon. Of course, I'm glad he provided three billets because the "leg" part he needed was longer than the sample leg that was intact. This chair apparently has two legs that are about 3/4" longer. LOL So he'll have an extra one of the short legs if need be. I also did some "unicorn chasing"...I need clear, 5/4 pine for a commission project that involves 12 doors for equestrian lockers. I can't risk using the pre-milled stuff from the lumber yard for doors. Sadly, this stuff is hard to come by and more expensive than maple and several other hardwoods, but I have to use pine because it will get a clear finish and has to match the lockers which are already constructed by the client. My order is in and now I wait... I also constructed a picture frame required for a special piece of artwork and anticipate getting it finished at the same time as I spray a new finish on the Lane cedar chest I brought north from Florida from my mother's room recently.

    This week I will hopefully have that pine to start manufacturing components and I have a few small CNC jobs to work on. And get that frame and cedar chest finished. (I need to move the latter along because I'm going to need the space)
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    I spent time sawing, edge banding and drilling shelf pin holes 2 at a time for some wall mount shop cabinets. Wish I had a line boring machine for 10 minutes.
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    Got most of the work done on a new platform for our boiler, water heater, and pressure tank. Just needs a bit of trim now. They'll be here Thursday for the install.

    Boiler Bench, 30in.jpg
    Peters Creek, Alaska

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    Finished up my TWW Miter Station build. It's so nice to have all this extra storage now. Also auditioning the Festool CT-SYS vac as a dedicated miter DC. So far, so good! With the long life bag it shouldn't be too annoying, hah.


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    I had hoped to have my router table completely finished by now, but I'm not quite there. Everything is done and assembled and finished, and the top is built up and laminated, but I have to do the machining on the top for the miter tracks and router plate and drill one more large hole for the dust collection. Should be done tomorrow (fingers crossed). Then it's on to office desks, files, and bookshelves.

    Part of the delay was spending far too much time educating myself about medicare as my 65th bday is coming up. The hardest part is separating good information from veiled sales info. Fortunately there is good info out there, you just have to slog through a bunch of $@#% to get to it. Kind of like any internet research these days....
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    Corey, that's a mighty nice looking miter station!

    Brett, looks more like a industrial style sofa table than a stand for HVAC stuff! Maybe the sheer beauty will motivate the plumbers to do a nice job.
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