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Thread: Flattening a live edge table question

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    Flattening a live edge table question

    I have flattened a live edge table top before by building a frame around it and using a plunge router to level it
    with good success.
    However I have a friend that needs my help, he applied the epoxy to fill the large void in the middle of the table top
    before he leveled the table, now he is asking me if I can flatten the table top.

    I'm concerned that if I decide to do this what would happen when the router bit penetrates the epoxy when I try to level
    the table top?
    Has anyone had this experience?

    Thanks Cliff in Carlisle Ontario

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    Welcome Cliff! I can't answer your specific question, but someone will do so, I'm sure. I know that I have run a hand plane over epoxy to level it without any trouble. But I don't know if the router bit will scratch or chip it.

    Good luck!
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    I've done nearly what your friend did. I've filled cracks with epoxy, and the used the router bridge to flatten the whole plank+epoxy. It works.

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    Yes it can be done with success . it will smell like burnt plastic while removing the old epoxy.

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    I'd get my "friend" to do that too. If the epoxied spot(s) are large , you're going to go through a bit or two, make a real mess, and work your router hard.

    If it were my friend , I would tell him that I will help him get set up at his place to do the operation and guide him. but, he has to do the work with his tools. There is no teacher like experience. Especially when the pooch has been....., well, you know.

    It's also possible in some instances to scrape or sand the epoxy down to wood. I've used a surform before too and thrown it away afterward.

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    Thanks for the help much appreciated
    I'm going to take a look at it this afternoon.

    I will let you all know what the results will be and send pictures

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