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Thread: Dust collector upgrade question

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    Dust collector upgrade question

    I built a Wood Magazine cyclone years ago using a Penn State DC-3 850cfm blower and 4” PVC pipe for a small garage shop. I recently moved and changed out the PVC to 6” metal ducting. It works ok, but airflow could be better. I was thinking of upgrading the blower to a Penn State DC-2 1100cfm blower that I found for a good price, but the cyclone is built with a 5” internal pipe (that mates with the blower intake). Changing that pipe would be too difficult, and the DC-2 has a 6” intake. Would I get a reasonable increase in airflow using the DC-2 and reducing the intake to 5”? I know it is not ideal, but I’m on a budget and don’t want to rebuild everything.

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    Looking only at impeller size you might expect about a 20% increase. The larger inlet and outlet sizes of the DC-2 could make it somewhat more than that.
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