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Thread: Lee valley chisel question

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    Lee valley chisel question

    Hi folks. Making a simple walnut (first time working with walnut, excited) chisel rack, and was using one of my 1/2 inch chisels, it's the "bevel edged bench chisel by lee valley with that transparent green/yellow handle, with black collar that's made in Japan. here's the link.

    My issue is that I really, REALLY don't care for the handle. I can't see a tang in it, and i'm only guessing that it has a socket. does anyone know if I can cut the handle off, remove it etc and be able to re handle these? or if they're just set in this weird composite handle that I shouldn't play with?

    PS: For affordable chisels, the steel in these LV chisels kick my narex's all over the place. little heavier feeling, but for literally less than 5$ difference, LV over Narex. takes and holds a better edge 2:1

    Thanks folks!

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    Lee Valley customer service can probably answer this question for you if you email them. They have a really good reputation for that.

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    Google “replacing chisel handle popular woodworking.” You should find an article from Popular Woodworking where the author shows the removal of those Lee Valley chisel handles.

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    Get a couple of these....and experiment with their handles...
    chisel rack.JPG

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    Those are my everyday chisels as well. I am slowly buying LV PMV11 as replacements. But they are solid performers.

    Why would you be focused more on the handle over the edge?

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