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Thread: What's on your shop floor?

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    Rochester, Minn
    Concrete, then 25 PSI foam board (Foamular 250), then OSB. No sleepers. I roll some fairly heavy things around without trouble (though not often). The OSB is staggered, and the tongue and grove of the 8' side keeps the seams level. It was a big improvement over the concrete wrt comfort, but even more wrt cold feet.

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    I used 1" deck flooring for sleepers, 1" dow foam, and then T&G flooring over that. Really has made it easier to heat the shop, the concrete had no insulation under it, and at night would get down sometimes to freezing. Now it seldom goes under 40 degrees. I heat with wood during the day, and just let the fire go out in the evening.

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    Nicely floated off concrete (almost too slick) with livestock stall mats around the machines and workbenches.

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