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Thread: The Walnut Credenza

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    The Walnut Credenza

    This credenza is made frome a mixture of solid walnut and veneer over multi-ply. The carcass is created from a single slab. Drawers are solid wood. The doors and drawer fronts are 1/8" veneer over plywood.
    Pulls and door handles are shop made. The base is 1.25 welded steel tube. DSC_0126 (2).jpg
    DSC_0105 (2).jpg
    DSC_0161 (2).jpg
    DSC_0118 (2).jpg
    Dovetail drawer boxes made with a Leigh dovetail jig.
    Hear you see the drawer fronts and doors are plywood edged in 1" solid wood with shop made veneer.
    DSC_0120 (2).jpg
    DSC_0123 (2).jpg
    Simple steel bar was heated and hammered for an easy custom touch.
    DSC_0116 (2).jpg
    The slabs grain is continous around all three visible faces of the carcass
    DSC_0181 (2).jpg
    This walnut must have been trapped in this space for decades.

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    save this space too
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    save one more

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    This is gorgeous. That trapped walnut really speaks to me. Those pulls are fantastic. Can you share how you did that?

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    Nice crisp work and pleasing proportions Johnny. I love the pulls.

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    Really nice! I love the way the mix of grain direction on the sides of the drawers looks like an insert (and I guess in a way it is). What a fortunate stroke of luck to find that walnut trapped inside; that's one of a kind for sure!
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    Very nicely executed.

    I think case miters lent themselves to the design. Any details you would share on how you reinforced the miters?
    As much as we woodworkers love to celebrate joinery, there is something to be said for how quietly clean a case miter looks especially in a continuous grain or waterfall edge situation. Through dovetails would be like a dam in the grain flow IMO.

    I remember when you asked about the trapped walnut. There were responses that thought it would look contrived, but now seeing it in context I think awesome would be the unanimous consensus.
    Thanks for sharing!

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    One more question, were the door pulls drilled and tapped so they could receive a machine screw from the back?
    If not, what was the method of attachment?

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    Super nice Johnny, The walnut in the space is too cool!! The mitered case is also a nice touch. Well done
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    Walnut, walnut, walnut !!!

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    I think its great that you made all the color variations a highlight instead of masking them.

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    That walnut is beautiful. Nicely done. Great idea on the well with the piece.

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    Johnny, Johnny, Johnny,

    You really outdid yourself. Hit it right out the park with the hardware.

    That lumber is no slouch either. Man after my own heart with stock like that. Most walnut is so blah these days. Not this!

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    Nice, nice, nice. The shell inclusion looks perfect.
    Rustic? Well, no. That was not my intention!

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