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Thread: Non Traditional build Finishing MDF

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    It comes from places that just sell quality plywood, and sheet goods-not lumber yards. Probably no use checking anywhere but the largest cities. The place I used to get it from was Allied Plywood, but they've changed names now, and I can't remember what it is called. I haven't had any use for any for some time now with no use for it on the old houses I've been working on since 2007.

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    Prime it with shellac or shellac based primer such as Zinsser BIN

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    ...might find it carried by sign material suppliers. One near here does at least...?
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    Truepan Ultralite mdf ? I've used that one and like it.

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    I'm in Phoenix AZ, seems like it shouldn't be hard to find. I'll do some more googling. I've found sheet goods on sale at many places, but not specific brands or quality levels beyond the normal gradings like OSB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carlos Alvarez View Post
    I still can't find that, or other great processed products locally. Not even sure how to search. Lumber yards seem to have the same old stuff without any "ultra refined" or anything like that. "It's just normal MDF man."
    In Phoenix, Peterman Lumber stocks Plum Creek ultra refined MDF as well as other specialized composite products. They are also a very good source for 5x5 Baltic Birch in all sizes, pre-finished or raw. Last time I checked, a 4x8 sheet of 3/4" Plum Creek MDF was about $38/sheet whereas the fiberlite was about $30.

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