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Thread: What is it?

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    What is it?

    I have saved parts and accessories from my various power tools from over the years and I just found these parts in a drawer. Each steel piece has threaded holes and there is also a rubber washer/bushing. See picture. All parts were sealed in a plastic bag from the factory. No part number or other markings are visible. I primarily have Jet, Delta, Porter Cable, etc. stationary and hand power tools. Maybe it's for a router table? Maybe from my old Grizzly table saw? Any ideas? Appreciate the help!

    Annotation 2020-01-31 173653.jpg

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    Pivoting roller bracket/lever.

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    Scrap iron...

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    Not scrap, those are parts, and should be marked 'important' and saved for your heirs to wonder about.

    PS: going with Dave's post, they kinda look like parts to a 'rip-straight' jig. Ever have one?
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    With both set of holes threaded, me thinks the longer pieces are used separately. Does the pin on the bent piece rotate and fit the i.d. of the roller? There does not appear to be a hole on the bent piece for the roll pin which is most likely used to index the piece to some other tool.
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