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Thread: Radial arm saw versus miter saw

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    Thanks for that info, Steve.

    I'm still pondering all the pros and cons and haven't made a decision.

    Weather is supposed to moderate for a few days so I'd like to get out in the shop and review spacing.

    I have a Warm Morning pot belly coal stove in a corner that takes a lot of space and, surprising to me, makes very little heat.
    If I take it out, the RAS may fit there.
    Also, that would put it by the big doors so I could open them if I needed to do longer stuff.

    That saw is heavy to even roll around.

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    Get rid of them all and buy a short stroke Euro slider, maybe even with a built in shaper. Save space, increase your capacity and accuracy.

    That's what I did for a small basement shop, haven't looked back since.........Rod.

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    Thanks for the suggestion, Rod.

    Perhaps if I had known about these things before I bought (or had for years) all this other stuff.
    Without knowing exactly what a short stroke Euro slider is, I'm guessing it's out of my budget.

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    Wanted to update.
    I decided to keep the RAS for now.
    I moved it near my big door so I could handle longer stuff.
    Also keeping the Dewalt non-slider due to it's mobility and quick set up and compact storage.

    Over the last few days I had it and my table saw set up and it's a little tight getting around.

    Length wise I was sort of okay but width is at a premium

    Thanks for all your input

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