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Thread: My SawStop may have just injured itself!

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    Thomas, you can use a 3/4 dado set. You just have to use a set with the partial plate chippers. See the discussion above. I don't think you can use a 10" one though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Holcombe View Post
    Most likely bent the arbor. I canít imagine these operate without bending the arbor.

    .010Ē wobble is terrible, should be negligible IMO.
    Actually mine has activated 3 times since I have owned it and my arbor is not bent.
    Michael Dilday
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    There's a cure for this that might save a few blades as well. Slow the saw down. I put a VFD and a slower motor on my Delta and it works great. It spins the blade at half speed or less. Half speed means 1/4 the energy. Unless you need production rates the slower feed is inconsequential. The quieter saw is nicer to use.

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