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Thread: Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

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    Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

    27 Jan 2020

    Nothing to say about shop work this week. Oncall duty for the day job and some days were far longer than I expected or wanted. Also doing some troubleshooting on my cnc due to continued z axis problems. I hope to have that resolved this coming week.

    Thatís it for me, so what did you do this past week?

    Best of weeks to you all.
    Thanks & Happy Wood Chips,
    Dennis -
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    I got home last night from a week and a weekend at JCCFS. I took a class on making a parlor sized guitar. It was loads of fun

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    In the workshop, I made tenons on six of the stretchers for my Stickley-ish armchair. These are the side stretchers, three per side, so the shoulders of each tenon are at an angle in at least one direction due to the taper of the seat from front to back. Two of the stretchers meet the rear legs where they're splayed back, so each one had angles in two directions. I got close to the shoulder lines with the table saw and tenoning jig, but for the chisel work that remained, I took my sweet time. The results look almost as if I knew what I was doing.
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    Back from our Austria/Germany trip and I've had the last week in the workshop. Back to building the entry hall table for my niece's wedding present. Tomorrow I am back at work ... sigh.

    Progress reports on the build:

    Preparing and dimensioning Stock:
    Start of mitred dovetailed casework:
    Fine tuning of through mitre dovetails and completion of case:
    Front bevels and rear rebates:

    Regards from Perth


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    It was a productive weekend, two brake jobs, an oil change, a 2x4 platform (think dorm bed) bed was made, and most importantly the pack rat nest in the last separated section of my shop is gone, and all of the tools that were affected have been repaired (I did lose all of my dust collection hoses and fittings, it could be worse). Now to just clean up their mess and soak the concrete in enzymes.. then tear down an outer wall and rebuild it for a window and demo inner walls... and I'll be about 1/3rd done.
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    LOL Mike, currently ratless would be a good band name....or maybe a country song title...

    I finished the design of my router table, and finished working drawings. Picked up 3 sheets of 20mm baltic birch (4x8 sheets; man are those heavy!) and got them all broken down into manageable pieces. Working now on fabricating the carcass. When I need a break from that I've been cleaning and organizing an old Oak dresser that I've been using to store "stuff". As a result have a pile of stuff to go to Habitat. The drawers are in pretty good shape but the bottoms have all sagged (probably because of overloading on my part) to the point where they make it hard to open and close the drawers, so I will likely make new bottoms for them. Found a few tools that I didn't remember having but that's not a bad thing.

    Took a couple of hours to visit the Akron Home and Garden show with DW. Kind of a disappointment; the "garden" section consisted of about two small areas with potted plants arranged in a sort-of outdoors-ish setting. The booths were dominated by basement waterproofing, gutter guards, and kitchen reface outfits. It's been declining for years; I doubt it will be around much longer. The much bigger Cleveland show is next week; will probably visit that as well and hope it will be better.
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    Bummer you didn't get much time for the shop, Dennis.

    I had a light week last week....completed some novelty signs and some other minor work and an involved estimate I created earlier in the week appears to have gotten the nod for when I get back from handling a care need for my 89 yo kid/mom. I brought my older daughter with me to Florida to help her clear her head after some rough situations lately which meant some quality "visiting" along with helping with the real reason for the trip to sunny Florida. But I'll be back to work in the shop next week.

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    Set up my new (to me) 12” 5hp sliding table saw. Woot! I can remove body parts even faster now. Post pending on the new saw.

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