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Thread: router bit height

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    router bit height

    I know this might seem like a crazy question but I have the bosch evs1617 router mounted on a bosch router table,,and I cant seem to get the bit to raise high enough,,,,unless of course I raise it out of the collet a lot which is dangerous,,i have got the twist knob raised as high as as I can get it and even took the router out of the housing and pushed all the way to the top as far as it would go,,and it still isn't high enough,,im not the smartest person so any help would be appreciated,,,i honestly do better using a router hand held,,,

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    Have you used it as mounted with other bits and been able to do those cuts, or is this a new installation? I don't know the mounting system for that table--but if it's a clamp of some sort the sub-base may need to be removed (black plastic plate). Is the coarse adjustment set to the deepest setting?? What bit and what kind of depth of cut are you trying to get to?

    Sorry for all the questions--but those may help us hone in on a solution. I've used a 1617 under table for a long time, using the fixed base--really haven't had a depth problem except for when i wanted to do some things i shouldn't have!!

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    Interesting on another forum this same question was raised regarding a Bosch router in a Bosch table. One of the suggestions was this:
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    I also saw this on another forum. I believe the fix was that the OP had not removed the router's base before attaching it to the router table's plate.
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    I think he was using the plunge base and one of the other suggestions was the fixed base. You need one or the other or a router lift to attach it to the table's base plate.

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    Are you using the highest (or would it be the lowest) gross adjustment setting on the router body? Sometimes, if you don't back the screw off some, you can't lock into the last notch.

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