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Thread: Thin kerf riving knife for MiniMax saw?

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    Thin kerf riving knife for MiniMax saw?

    Got a MiniMax CU300 Elite combo machine. Takes 10 or 12" blades.

    Most of mine are 12" full kerf, but I just ordered a couple of those Makita thin kerf 10" blades that are on sale. They are for miter saws, and the like.....IE crosscut blades. My slider is pretty much used for crosscuts and plywood, so I thought I would try these inexpensive blades on a few projects. Melamine and such.

    Problem is, they have a .091 Kerf, and a .071 plate, and my riving knife is .125 as close as I can measure, which works fine with my full kerf 12" blades.

    Anybody know if there is a thin kerf riving knife available for my MiniMax?

    Thanks, RP

    PS: No biggie if this does not work out, I have a 10" miter saw I can use them on anyway.
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    You might inquire with Shark Guard. If they have the CU300 pattern they will have / make a riving knife in three thicknesses.

    If not, I'm sure they'll make one for you if you send them your current one.

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    I made a thin riving knife for my saw. I bought some sheet steel of the right thickness and then traced my old riving knife on the steel. Then cut it with a jig saw with a metal cutting blade. Drilled holes where appropriate. Used a file to knock off the sharp edges.

    Wasn't that hard to do since the metal was not that thick.

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    I believe you would need to make it as thin kerf tooling isn't generally used on these machines.

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