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Thread: Made a machine to emboss a baseboard molding

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    Made a machine to emboss a baseboard molding

    I had a guy bring me this molding. He asked me to copy it. The molding itself was easy, the embossing a bit more complex.

    I had my sharpening company create a embossing wheel on their
    waterjet cutter.

    Here is the machine during the build. I hadn't gotten the shaft collars
    yet which I drilled and used roll pins to attach one of them to the
    embossing wheel.

    Here is the machine doing it's thing

    Here's the molding original/my copy/before embossing

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    Love it, great job

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    Darn clever!
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    Most impressive. Can't help wondering if he was turned away by others and just kept searching. Or if you have done
    work for him before. If you were the first to look at it, he is extraordinarily lucky. It takes a smart and kindly guy to
    accomodate that kind of stuff. Well done !

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    As far as I know he looked in the store, lumber yards as stuff for the molding itself. He had this in his house and was completing a room. Not sure where he got my name from but I do have a simple website up that comes up when you do local searches, he was one town below me. Never did work for him before but from our parting when he picked up the moldings it sounds like he'll be back.

    I made money on it, but didn't take my profit on materials. Usually when I do jobs that have cutter knives and such I don't take a profit on those materials because I end up keeping them as part of the deal. Don't think I mentioned it in print, but had the cutter made to run the blank on my Williams & Hussey molder.

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    Where did you learn about heating the embossing wheel?
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    Found a How it's Made video that showed them heating the wheel

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