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Thread: Shop fox moulder problem

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    Shop fox moulder problem

    Good evening all,

    I have owned this Shop Fox Moulder for a number of years but rarely use it. Most of the time it is taking up space in the shop but its there and great when needed (until today). It did work initially today but after some fooling around and unplugging this wire and that wire it sprang to life.

    It is the model W1739 with adjustable speed control, an older one but not many miles on it. I believe it is the rheostat for the speed control for the in-feed rollers but, I could be wrong. I've had this issue before and it my memory is correct I remember telling myself not fool with the speed. I fooled with the speed control.....and then the in-feed rollers quit working. After a few (many) tries it finally came alive so I could finish my baseboard run. I love this damn little moulder it works so well at doing is job but the fooling around to get the in-feed rollers working is killing me. Yesterday no problem after being in hibernation for a few yrs it started up and ran well.

    I'm looking for anyone one who has had this problem with theirs.

    Thank you all for looking, advice is welcomed.

    could someone tell me why lately when I download a picture to this site they are always turned 90 degrees. It keeps happening lately to me>??????
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