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Thread: small dining table - legs or pedestal

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    Since a 48" square table can only fit 1 chair on a side legs would not get in the way and make things simpler. Forgive me, but I think a smaller round 40"-42" would be more solid with a pedestal.
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    I have just brought this table from my daughters. It is 42 diameter and the caster spread on the pedestal is 36. The pedestal is very solid. The sliding mechanism is smooth and robust. At 42 it is very solid & stable. I plan on removing the top, which is a pretty piece of veneered plywood that has given up the ghost and do a solid oak top. Id like to try a 46 top and a 12 leaf. Much obliged for any suggestions.
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    Unless you will need to use it without the leaf I'd suggest making the top full size. Far less work and a better result.

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    Seen a lot of broken pedestal legs. Perhaps it's because the idea of grace wins out over strength. But who wants a bowl
    of hot soup dumped into their lap ? I like a leg at each corner.

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