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Thread: Solid Baobab exterior day bed maintenance

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    Solid Baobab exterior day bed maintenance

    A client of mine would like for me to clean her solid (carved out of a tree trunk)exterior Baobab wood day bed without removing the patina then reapply oil to prevent further checking. She says the seller recommended almond oil. I'm fine with using almond oil but am uncertain on how to go about cleaning without removing the patina. If anyone has any suggestion they would be greatly appreciated.

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    Mineral spirits will remove most dirt and grease without hurting the finish or wood. If there is still some remaining dirt and/or grease then wipe it with a damp sponge or cloth with water and liquid dish detergent. After that's dry you can then apply whatever finish you want.


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    Thank you John. I believe prior finishes to be 100% oil. There does not seem to be any sealer/shell on the piece like a poly, shellac or varnish.

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