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Thread: Could someone explain the camber in extension table slides?

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    Could someone explain the camber in extension table slides?

    The title says it all, can someone explain extension table slide camber to me? Mainly interested in the how (should i look for wood with a bow, mill it differently, etc). Pictures be great if you have/can find some.

    I've started an extension dining table (4x6', with a 1.5' leaf). Nothing's together yet, so I'm just looking to figure out what I should be doing with regards to the slides. I've read the FWW article on extension tables, I'm taking its advice and using heavy duty drawer slides encased in wood for the table's slides.
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    As best I can understand, some wood table slides are deliberately bowed. When in place, the hump side is up. The idea may be that the manufacturer expects the middle the table to sag under the load of the table weight plus the weight of the fabulous dinner youíre putting on it.

    But you say youíre using heavy duty metal drawer slides for your table. I donít think Iíve ever seen drawer slides with camber. Iím not even sure how that would work.

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    What Jamie said.

    That's a big dining table. If you're not certain about the size you could mock it up in your dining area with sawhorses and sheet material. Adding the chairs and people may surprise you.

    A lot can happen at a dining table, you don't want it to fail. I like to plan for someone to stand on it, maybe dance a little bit. 100 pound rated drawer slides probably won't make it.

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