Just posting on the off chance someone can lead me to a solution. Recently my ULS M360 quit communicating with my computer. Could not transfer files. Sent CPU to ULS for service but they determined the issue was 'corrosion damage om pads" and was irreparable. It is obsolete and they have no replacement for it.
Thier service tech - who by the way are super helpful - said to try some of the distributors and see if one had one. I did and found one - New old stock. $2100! Bought it and hooked it up. No X axis. ULS helped with trouble shooting and determined the CPU had a fault. Talking with supplier on how to handle.
All of the above got me to thinking about a way to fix the corrosion issue. Any ideas? pr know of a new or used CPU? ULS p/n132-0155-ro-a.
Any ideas welcome!