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Thread: Record 52 vise dogbone fix

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    Record 52 vise dogbone fix

    I have one of the Record 52 vises with the stamped metal dogbones. It comes off if the vise racks at all. I put a locking collar on, which worked for a couple of years, but eventually friction wore a groove in the dogbone and it fell off.

    So I watched this and took it apart.

    Then I drilled and tapped through the dogbone into the ends of the guide bars and used machine bolts to hold it on. Since using the collar I threw out or lost the original clip for the center screw, so i drilled through it and used a roll or tension pin to hold on a brass and a steel washer.

    I threw together a tee jig to hold in the vise to support the vise in place when reattaching it to the bench.

    The most challenging part of the whole operation was holding the bars securely at the drill press. I held the bars vertically with my bench-on-bench. A few shims to get the drill press to a good height and more shims to get the bars plum. Plus a clamp or two.

    Please excuse the sideways photo.


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    Thanks for posting this. I have the record 52 and repaired it with a locking collare several years ago. But it's good to have your alternate fix in case mine fails. Appreciate it!
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    Thank you Paul, good stuff.

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    A little lubrication on that acme thread and oilite washer from time to time will prolong the life of the vise.
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