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Thread: Giving up furniture for turning.

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    Giving up furniture for turning.

    I'm thinking in my old age, (57 going on 90) that I may give up furniture making and go turning full time. I have an older Laguna 18/47 that I would like to replace with a 24 inch swing lathe like a Grizzly g0800 or a Harvey T60. I like this lathe but it definitely has its short comings, such as vibration when you move the head anywhere on the bed except over the legs, no available hand wheel, just not heavy enough, crummy banjo, and last but not least, not enough swing for the firewood chunks I have been collecting.
    What do you folks think of these two lathes? (Grizzly g0800, and the Harvey T60)? I cannot afford a robust or oneway. Plus Harvey has a 10% discount for military.
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    I have the G0766, and love it. I was an 'early adopter', so to speak, of the 0766, and had a few issues right out of the crate. But I resolved them, with a lot help/suggestions from Roger C here on SMC, and now I couldn't be happier. They've made a lot of improvements (from what has been reported here) to the units coming to the USA now, so I'd encourage you to go for it. I doubt you'll be unhappy.
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  3. I have the G0800 and the G0766. If you would like to personally discuss the G0800, then send me a private message with your contact info. By the way, the G0800 is a high quality, heavy duty beast of a lathe. I have lots of understanding on this unit, and would rather have the 0800 than the Harvey T-60, because it has an advanced high efficiency 3hp A/C motor inverter combo, and the T-60 now comes with a 2 hp D/C motor and controller. You will get more low end torque and power transfer with the A/C motor G0800. Id be happy to discuss my knowledge if you are interested.
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