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Thread: Ideas for lots of drawer pulls

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    Ideas for lots of drawer pulls

    Long story short. I made my wife a series of drawers to organize her craft beads. Each drawer is 1 3/4" tall, drawers are spaced 2" apart and are quite heavy. I underestimated how much strength and grip would be required to grip the drawer in the two 1/4" gaps to pull it out. Now I need on the order of 50-60 drawers pulls. Something small, cheap, and sticks out as little from the drawer front as possible (don't want to catch on them).


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    Depending on your budget for the project you can use wooden toy axle pegs which are pennies each
    or you can get into small metal drawer pulls for jewelry boxes.
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    Habitat for Humanity has a "Restore" where they sell excess items. The one here often has knobs or pulls pretty dang cheap.
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    They might stick out too far for you, but I just bought these from the big A and they are nicely made and sanded smooth enough to finish directly:

    I used them on tool drawers and they are easy to grip.
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    How about some loops of leather? Found these on Etsy. Might be more expensive than you want to spend but they should be pretty easy to make.

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    I made sticks of hardwood on the shaper. Look like a miniture handrail profile. Shaped like an oval with two flat sides. Kind of tee shaped. Cut to length, drill and countersink a hole near each end. Round over ends on sander. Next I made little cubes of wood about 5/8 square, same size as the flat on the handle. Drill clearance hole through center from side to side. Drill drawer face to match. Insert tee nut on inside. I counterbore maybe 1/8" so entire tee nut is below flush.
    Then flathead machine screw from front just long enough to not stick out into the inside of the drawer. If you use nice brass or stainless screws they look good. Or you could counter bore and plug each screw head.
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    This should give you some ideas to start with. Leave enough free space to get fingers under the handle part.
    Mine looks kinda like 6910 with the bottom half gone. and the top dead flat.
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