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Thread: Lead cinch or what’s your pencil

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    The Zebra DelGuard is THE best mechanical pencil, and the Zebra DelGuard 0.3 and 0.5mm leads are the best as well. These do not break lead. The mechanical pencil has a suspension system that protects the lead.

    I also use 2mm lead holders, with the Caran DeAche Fixpencil my favourite. Use these with a Geddess sharpener:

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris carter View Post
    Yellow no. 2 school pencil like the kids use. Because it fits in my little pencil sharpener, it's comfortable to hold, it has an eraser, and super cheap. If it ain't wrong don't fix it!
    Yes, but they have even screwed up the standard "wooden" yellow pencil. The old real wooden pencil was great. Today you have to look for the pencil made out of wood rather than compressed sawdust into the shape of a pencil. The new ones don't support the lead enough to take even a short drop and the lead breaks off up into the crap saw dust. I almost always have one tucked up in the rim of my hat when around the place and prefer them in the 3-4" long range. The .5 Pentels get a workout too.

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