I have a Powermatic 66 tablesaw that I recently arranged to pass on in a trade deal. The buyer was going to pick up in 2 weeks, and low and behold, this weekend the 1.5hp, single phase Century Electric motor stopped working! It made a loud hum when turned on, but the motor wouldn't kick on. Well, I unmounted it, discharged the cap, and removed the 4 bolts to slide the housing apart. When I did, the brushes and 2 metal clips/housing, 3 springs and a washer fell out. It appears that the phenolic board that the brush contact points were mounted on is cracked right down the middle. I thought I was going to be able to just clean out the contact points, but now it appears the problem is more severe.
I called up a few motor repair shops (Chicago) and one said I'm better off replacing the motor instead of repairing it, and another shop quoted me $570 for a new 3 hp c-frame motor. Considering this saw was almost out my door, I really really reeeeeallllly don't want to spend almost $600 on a new motor. I also don't know anything about buying used motors. Will any C-frame motor work that I find on eBay? My thoughts is to find a 1.5-3hp C frame motor used on eBay and price it out. Then give the buyer the option of me buying a used motor on eBay, or us splitting the difference of the new $570 motor. Of course timing was immaculate in this situation. Any insight or advice is much appreciated!! Or, if anybody has a C-frame 1.5-3hp motor that will fit my PM66 they would like to generously donate thanks all.