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Thread: Machine shipping and crating services.

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    Machine shipping and crating services.

    Anyone have experience with reputable companies who can crate and ship a machine across country?

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    I crate and ship equipment all the time, depends on your location as to who can help.

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    Thanks. Machine will need to be picked up in San Francisco area and delivered to me in Connecticut.

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    Unless the place you find specializes in machinery, I doubt Iíd trust a random shipping place to ship a machine. Youíre better off doing it yourself.

    Maybe search for machinery dealers in your area but itís likely not going to be cheap.

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    Search for millwright service in that area. I had a big lathe picked up in Phoenix. The millwright company took it to their facility and built the skids. I was a little pricey, but excellent work and quick. Biggest mistake I made was not planning enough for the weight of the skids. They really built them heavy, and really got dinged by the trucking company for being 300 pounds under actual weight. They use those kinds of mistakes to really mark up the quote. You won't know you under estimated it until you get a bill from them after delivery. I used FreightQuote for the trucking service.

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