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Thread: co2 laser fume extractor

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    co2 laser fume extractor

    I am looking for a fume extractor for a DIY 80w laser I just built, pretty large bed 2ft x 4ft so i'm not sure of how much extraction i would need in CFM for something like that, I've seen a few units on Ebay such as the Domino DPX1000 but not sure if that would be sufficient, anybody experienced with that particular unit ? maybe DIY solutions as well that may be efficient, most of the ones I've found were for scrubbers, so the air would still have to be blown outside, i'm looking for something to keep in my shop that wouldn't vent out. Budget wise maybe around $1500 (ebay unit was 800 without filters)

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    Dan Hintz on here designed a brilliant fume extractor.
    You did what !

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    Also quick mention that I cut 90% MDF and the other 10% is Acrylic. So i'm not sure how much longevity I would get out of this DIY solution which i've checked before, if anybody has experience with that I'd apreciate it.!

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    I honestly don’t think an economic solution exists to recirculate the air. Any filter system that is getting all those smoke particles out of the air will use up expensive filters quickly. Any system that lets particles through will be hazardous to your health. MDF and acrylic are about the least pleasant things you can cut on a laser.

    A high cfm blower venting out of a smokestack above the roof would probably be the best solution for your budget. I have a similar set up but run my exhaust through a cheap ac filter before the blower to keep some of the gunk out of the blower.

    I’d love there to be a better solution.

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    Yeah I considered that but unfortunately that isn't possible in my house as there is a bedroom directly above the garage where i'm working and that bedroom is on a pitch and the highest point of the roof is on the complete opposite of the house. I may be looking into renting a warehouse from the look of things

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    Gotta go with what Chris is saying as well, MDF is well known for clogging pretty much everything it touches. Sticky smoke that really clings. Other than full industrial extractors I've yet to find an economic system that works well for MDF.
    You did what !

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