I have been designing and building my own version of a 2x72" belt grinder for the past 7 years and have found them to be an excellent tool. I made some modifications over the years and also recently a talented CAD user (who was building a grinder off my plans) was courteous enough to model the grinder and each part within a CAD platform and print the plans to PDF.

Since I have posted my initial plans on this forum and a few other forums in 2018, I have been emailing these out to at least a couple people each week. I wanted to share the updated plans with you all and if you check out the plans link below you will see my updated plans including the CAD models.

I also included a link to a build along where I show how to make one of these (which does not require a mill or really much more than a typical woodworking shop's tool set).

Make one!



Build along link ->


Pdf of plans and parts list->