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Thread: Why do I have to login each time?

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    Why do I have to login each time?

    I've religiously paid my dues. I'm on a Mac with the most current operating system; I never use any other devise. When I login I always check the box that says, "Remember me". That doesn't work because the very next time I access the site- even five minutes later - I have to login again to simply view attachments. Why? And, more to the point, how can I stay logged in like I've done for years? This is a seemingly unnecessary irritation that seems to be new in the past couple of months. Help?


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    Manually delete the SMC cookies after logging out manually. Shut down your browser. You might even consider rebooting your machine. Start your browser, navigate to SMC and login again with the box checked. That "should" fix your issue. The problem is not this site, unfortunately. It's most likely a bad/corrupt "cookie" on your end.

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    Are you logging in at:
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    Jim nailed it, thanks. A reboot was required.

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