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Thread: Any thing fun for your shop for Christmas.

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    Any thing fun for your shop for Christmas.

    I picked up a nice upgrade for my shop. A Nused table saw (new used). New for me. I have been using over the past several years a small bench top $200 table saw. It served me well, but when I walked into the local thrift store, and saw a table saw. Yes a table saw. I grabbed it for $100. And wow. It has been a nice upgrade. A vastly superior fence, build quality and other bells and whistles. A nice gift to myself.
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    Best present I ever gave myself lately was one of the DeWalt job site table saws. Its direct drive and came with a portable stand. Got it on sale at Home Despot and 10% veterans discount. Cheating a little you can rip up to 24 inches wide and I threw the crappy miter gauge away and got a decent one. Handy as can be and I use it all the time. I had a huge Craftsman table saw, belt drive, cast iron extended table and wonderful not Craftsman rip fence and it took up 1/2 the shop. Long gone, and I love this DeWalt.
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    I bought a Shapeoko CNC in November. Was a Christmas gift of sorts. So far, having fun learning to use it, and spending money on it. Like always, machines are only the start..
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