Again, this is for newbie chip carvers......
I've read 3 books and done probably 15 practice boards. I'm struggling in a few more advanced areas like wide chips and tighter curves. There are no instructor-led classes nearby. So I started hunting the internet for instruction. I found The man who runs that site (Marty) is apparently a retired teacher and I think it shows in his tutorials. He has about a dozen teaser vids (free) on youtube and I decided I liked his style and approach. So I bought a 1 year Platinum membership for $120. The 1st 2 weeks are a free trial. (I never mind paying for information that I can use, as long as it's good information. YMMV.)

Ordinarily, I am not a video-learner. I do better reading and posting questions on SMC. But when I get stuck, a good video is a lot of help. In Marty's subscription videos (not free), he makes a real effort to explain subtleties, common mistakes and how to self-diagnose your results. I really like his style of teaching. So far, this is value-added. I'll report back in a couple weeks.

Happy New Year!