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Thread: Holiday bowls

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    Holiday bowls


    I finally can show off the holiday bowls! The hard maple and black walnut one (left) is for my wife and the hard maple and cherry one (right) is for my mom. Both are finished with Preserve nut oil from Rockler. Any other suggestions for finishes on bowls? These ones are more for decoration, but I will be making ones that are for serving in the future.

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    Those are nice, Joseph. Iíve just tried a finish process I found on YouTube for food safe applications. Itís General Finishes Wood bowl finish, diluted 50/50 with mineral spirits. Sand to 320 grit, then flood the 50/50 finish on and keep it wet for 5 minutes...wipe off excess and let dry 12 hours. Repeat a second time. Then lightly sand with 400 and repeat a third time. Let cure 30 days prior to use.

    The theory is that the mineral spirits helps it soak deep into the pores to seal it, and leaves a non-film finish. Iím impressed with the results, but have no long term experience with it yet.

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