Referring back to the OP's initial questions: I have an FB-510, which I've used with Euro guides and with Felder's ceramics. The Euro's were fine. The ceramic guides are better: even easier to adjust and quieter. For either, the space for the below-the-table guides is cramped but ok once set up. I also have an Asian-import saw with ball-bearing guides. The ball-bearing guides work ok, too, but in my use tended to gum up when sawing green or resinous wood. Either Euro guides or ceramics eliminate this issue.

I'm a hobbyist. I bought the -510 as a general-purpose saw, for which it has performed well, including occasional re-sawing. Blade changes are straightforward, the fence adjusts smoothly and locks securely, Felder's extension tables are great, and dust collection (with my system) is exceptional for a band saw.