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Thread: RIP: Notifications for this board

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    RIP: Notifications for this board

    No I am not dead, yet. I saw the rip for Neal young and thought about how this can be handled in the future and the past.
    it might be nice to tag old posts with a notation so readers realize the OP is not going to answer any questions.
    If I die I do not think my wife would check to see how to notify the boards I frequent. On a metal working site I frequent it took 6 months of inactivity and several public threads for someone to find a facebook post that explained the member had died months ago.
    When I told my father's barber that he had died he told me he almost never knows why an old customer stops coming in. He does not know many by last name.

    Perhaps a notion can be added to their tag line.
    of course some scammers might use spam and claim someone has died so it has to be verified somehow?

    Bill D.

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    Uh, that was Charles Neil that died.

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    There is already an "In Memoriam" designation for deceased community members available. Someone must simply just notify Keith so that he or another administrator can code an account accordingly. We've had this for many years, but it's been rarely applied because of the lack of notification.

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    I have a list of some of the forums I frequent. My Wife can notify at least those.
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