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Thread: Hitachi Model c12rsh2

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    Hitachi Model c12rsh2

    I want to asked the experts what they thought of the Hitachi Model c12rsh2 sliding miter saw. I have the chance to pick a used one up on craigslist for $340 with the hitachi stand. I do mostly small projects and wanted a quality sliding saw.

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    Hi Paul,

    I have the Hitachi C12RSH sliding miter saw (not the “2”), which I purchased to install on my workbench due to it’s feature that it sits close to the wall. The Bosch has a similar feature but cost more. I like the large capacity and find it sufficiently accurate for my needs.

    If you only have small projects, a 10” miter might be more accurate but, as I mentioned, I like the capacity of the 12” saw and have not needed more accuracy for my projects.


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    I'd pass on that deal unless the stand is important to you. Amazon has that saw for $329 with free shipping. You can always build a stand or bench for it. I'm a little leery of buying used tools with universal motors unless I know they've been loved. BTW, I have the earlier version of that saw and like it a lot.

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