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Thread: grandfather clocks movements

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    grandfather clocks movements

    was thinking of plaaning a grandfather clock build. have any found a good source for the mechanical movements?
    was looking around the net and theyre seem to be some sources, very expensive. Dont really want to make a mistake.
    anyone have experience out there?

    Rgards Eric

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    I've never made a grandfather clock, but I have used movements and parts from Klockit. Their customer service was very good, though their selection has declined in recent years. Yes mechanical movements are expensive.
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    The market value of used clocks now is very soft - the softest I've seen in many years. You'd probably be better off finding a used clock with a movement you like, buying that clock, then harvesting the movement. That certainly would be the case is you want tubular bells. The glass in the used close might also be useful. You might look at for antique auctions in your area. Good luck!
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    If you want more opinions from those who work on clocks all the time, you might try asking here:

    In general, either Kieninger or Hermle. However, both will wear out and need repairs in (a guess) 20-25 years. Of course, all mechanical movements eventually need repairs; the pinions wear, the plate holes need to be bushed, gears wear, etc. If you want a top drawer movement, call David Lindow; his will likely last longer than the production Kieninger or Hermle movements, and they're made right here in the U.S.

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    Merritts and Timesavers has lots of stuff to choose from and if you call, will have someone there that may be able to help you. I restore vintage alarm clocks and by lots from them.

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    The Lindow movements are beautiful.

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    I went with a David Lindow movement. The best, made right here in America. He is a rare artisan. Figure on around $2500 dollars.

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