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Thread: How long has your china laser engraver power supply lasted?

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    How long has your china laser engraver power supply lasted?

    I have gone through a few. First 2 were from the manufacture of my laser. And each lasted about 1 year. Then I purchased a light object generic, and it lasted about 3 more years. I just purchased another power supply from light object. Their in house brand and just installed it. Guess we will see.
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    My Triumph 1390 just turned 6 years old. Last year I had to buy a new controller, not because it 'went bad', it worked just fine. The problem was, like I've had a zillion times in the past, the USB connection.

    So I couldn't upload jobs from the computer. I COULD upload jobs via the thumb drive port if I wanted, but with the computer port dead, I had no feedback as to the laser's position. The new controller was about $380, and was worth it because it allowed me to SEND the laser head anywhere I wanted, that feature was null in the old controller...

    But 6 years with the 1390, 3 years with my first fiber and a year with the other two fibers, no issues with power supplies. Knock on my head
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    I have my Rabbit coming on 4 years I think so far so good but the tube is starting to go
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    I have 2 rabbit laser they are about 12 years old one still the same power supply, other I got at 4 years old and replaced the power supply last year, it went from the way I was using it.

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