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Thread: 8" Jointer, disassembled: What do the parts weigh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Coers View Post
    I can't help myself. Could you please explain the logic of no trailer usage on a bridge?

    Three bridges total, and each one charges a lot more if you have a trailer. Plus the cost of the trailer rental. Why not save money if I can?

    Plus, like I wrote earlier, you can't get a heavy item up the ramp with a typical mobile base. I know this, because I took my mobile base to U-Haul and tried.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Kees View Post
    Allen ,figure out how to get the machine to your truck in one piece then open the tailgate and position one of the tables over the tailgate. At this point separate the base from the jointer and pull the tables,fence into the truck. Now just load the base-motor. A pallet jack ,pieces of pipe etc all come in handy. How close can you get to where this is to be loaded? I always bring 2x4 pieces 2' to 4' long at least 8-10 pieces. Also a impact driver and cordless skilsaw. With this stuff it is easy to "find a way to get it in the truck".

    Good idea about the impact driver.

    Thanks, Mike.

    (I'm not sure I see the utility in a skilsaw! )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Dufour View Post
    I am a fan of spray painting or magic marker for stuff like that in place before taking it apart. It also helps to get things aligned on reassembly. use a logic to the color: right side= red, left side=lavender. Top is tan, blue is bottom, etc.
    My camping gear is color coded TENT is in a tan box, sleeping BAGS in a blue box. etc.

    Great idea, thx.

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