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    I always found opossums to be indiscriminate killers. We had more that one decimate our henhouse when I was a kid. We'd follow the feather trail back to the tree they were nesting in and extract them from their lair with buckshot. A ball bat just make them curl up and play dead. I was raised to be a live and let live guy (and still am), but on the farm two critters were exterminated with extreme prejudice: Rats and 'Possums.
    I grew up on a poultry farm and we never had problems with possums - and there were possums in the woods near us. Most of our problems were with feral dogs and cats. Occasionally snakes but that was few and far between. I don't ever remember a possum coming into the hen house. But if they did, I'd expect them to go for the chicken feed, rather than the chickens. They're much more scavengers than killers.

    I'd have to shoot the dogs and cats. They would just keep coming back. The dogs ran in packs but the cats would be solitary.

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