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Thread: Highlighting a Growth Ring

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    Highlighting a Growth Ring

    (Iím new here, so apologies if this isnít the right place for this topic)

    I have a wedge of a witness tree from Gettysburg (white oak I think) that Iíd like to turn into something tbd ( I was thinking bookends). Iíd like to highlight the growth ring from the year of the battle, I was wondering if anyone had an idea how to do this.

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    Would work for to draw that ring with a fine tip felt-tip pen? It’d require a very steady hand.

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    Try this on a different piece first. Brush molten candle wax around the ring, then scrape the wax off the ring in question with a small chisel held vertically. Apply stain, the wax should stop it spreading. Plane the wax off with a block plane or low angle something.
    I think I would just do a section of the ring, that is all you need really.
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    I would find someone with a laser engraver to make a small brass/bronze label that simply said Battle of Gettysburg, July 1-3 1863...with a nicely styled arrow/pointer. Inset the label at the perimeter of the wedge at a place where the arrow points to the correct ring. The viewer's eyes can then follow the ring around the wedge, without obscuring the ring.

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