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Thread: EZcad and filling vector letters?!

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    Question EZcad and filling vector letters?!

    I have found it pretty easy to vectorize letters etc to engrave them with just the outline. But when I try to rasterize them, then the problems comes up. Like the letter P, then it will fill the hole in "P" as well (ehh.. everybody understood that).

    I have tried to read around on this forum and tried a lot of thing, like Vector Magic and Corel Draw, but havent found an easy solution yet. It looks like it is pretty difficult to do a so simple thing..
    Like just "fill" the letters or spaces you want in the EZcad itself.

    Is there any good guide or explanation of how I can manage to do it?

    If I for example want to engrave a panda bear (theyre nice because they have their distinct black spots!). Then I use like Vector Magic to get the image to a vector file, but when I import it to EZcad, it wont have any black spots ofcourse.. So How to get the black spots correctly?

    Thanks for advice!

    (Its strange it can be so difficult to do something so simple..)

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    You need to check for duplicate vectors, such as, if there are 2 'hole' vectors instead of one, they effectively cancel each other out, leaving the outline vector to fully fill. This can happen if the program that created the vector creates vectors for more than one color. In Corel, if you PAINT something AND outline it, then export it that way to EzCad, sometimes the hole and outline fill in reverse, or the outlines totally fills. So from Corel you must either send ONLY an outlined vector, or ONLY a painted vector, but not both.

    when creating vectors, you only want to vectorize 2 colors, white & black, and you want to delete the background. This usually leaves no duplicates...
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