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Thread: Metal Detectors for milling

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    Metal Detectors for milling

    A friend just acquired a slightly used bandsaw mill. I already know he's willing to saw some logs I have at no cost, so I'd like to buy a metal detector for him to use with the mill.

    I didn't see a recent thread, so what's your favorite and why? or - what brands to avoid?

    Thank you!

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    there of course a difference in metal detectors but having used a few , I think the biggest thing is getting used to which ever model you choose, having someone hiding metals and you find them as practice I think should help. The Garrett metal detector I last bought said in the instructions they suggest practicing for days to get used to the way it works.

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    Wagner makes some very top end metal detectors that will scan deep into a log, but they are not cheap.

    Garrett’s seem to be the most popular in the sub $200 market.

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