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Thread: two band saws in one shop?

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    Can't go wrong for $40! That's worth the price in just not having to swap blades nearly as often.

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    Yeah, I had a similar decision when I saw a great deal on a little delta bandsaw which would be a third bandsaw. I thought i was being silly bringing another one into my small and crowded shop, but all three get used every day. Truth be told, my little ones are set up with a sled and a fence for making tiny parts so I could actually use another one to avoid having to break down those setups. Ideally I'd set up the 14" with a narrow blade and get a bigger saw (that would be number 4) for re-sawing, but space limitations don't allow for that.

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    Bandsaws and shapers: The more, the better.

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    I have a 14 Delta and an 18 Rikon in my shop, and I seriously think Id rather give up my table saw before parting with one of the bandsaws. I think you will easily put both to good use.

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    I'm really excited about this evolution in my shop, and all the encouragement is great.

    I really feel like I haven't maximized my use of the band saw thus far in my woodworking journey. My table saw gets the heaviest workout in my shop by a huge margin right now, and I've only ever used the band saw for curve cutting. I feel like I've been really missing out on many other uses.

    Time to find some videos to get some ideas on what is possible. :-)
    - Bob R.
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    I didnt have time to read all replies. The shopsmith is a nice little saw. I would get it. I have two Rikon bandsaws in my shop: one 3hp 220 professional 14 and one 120 smaller hp 14. One is set up for heavier cuts, and the other for tight curves. Its a great thing to have if ya have the space.

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