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    Chuck advice

    So I recently got the Supernova2 chuck with dedicated 1 1/4 x 8tpi threads(not insert) in anticipation of getting a grizzly lathe with matching spindle. In the meantime, I found a great deal in a OneWay 16x40 lathe, which has M33x3.5 threading on the spindle.
    Do I try to find a machine shop to bore out the chuck to the appropriate size? Find an adapter? Just get a new chuck body?
    I have a variety of jaws that fit the SN2 already, so Id rather not switch chuck brands at this point 😬

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    when i upgraded my lathe i got an adapter to use my 1x8 chucks on my new 1 1/4x8 spindle lathe. Have had no issues with it so far. lots of places sell a similar adapter to get from m33 to 1 1/4

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    Since the OP has dedicated direct threads w/o an insert adapter, and has many jaws, then it might be worth purchasing the correct chuck and selling the 1 1/4" x 8 chuck since it is a very common thread.

    Edit: You may be able to find a thread adapter from Nova or Oneway such as this however I dislike using thread adapters due to the possibilities for reduced accuracy and also adding the additional length between the chuck and the headstock. They are also not inexpensive.
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    Buy the adapter. You will need it for other purposes later also. I use adapters all the time from 1" on midi to 1-1/4" on Powermatic both up and down and do not have problems except one of the 1-1/4 female to 1" male has a long 1" thread that bottoms out in some 1" chucks.

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    I too suggest getting the adapter. Later on, when you can afford it, get another big chuck. Then you can relegate the one with the adapter to smaller turnings. That's what I've done with the chuck I bought for my first lathe, since replaced with a bigger spindle machine. While turning this weekend, I was really wishing for one more chuck. I hate changing jaws. You may find yourself there soon enough.

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    I would recommend buying an insert version of the chuck and getting the right insert. I tried the adapter when I changed from a 1-8 lathe to a 1-1/4-8 and didnt care for the runout. Plus, depending on the adapter, it may extend your chuck out quite a bit further from the headstock.

    Being that the 1-1/4-8 is a popular size you should have no problem selling it. Heck, I may be interested 😲
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    The Supernova2 is a good chuck. I have a TitanII, Supernova2 and a G3. The good thing is all 3 chucks can use all my jaws (I have almost all Nova make). I would sell the Supernova2 and buy the proper thread for your lathe. When you use adapters you can get out of round. Plus the chuck sticks out much further with any kind of adapter. The possibility of introducing vibration and/or out of round with the adapter makes getting the correct chuck important. Since you got a Oneway why not get a Titan III and still use your Nova jaws. The Titan III had 3 sets of holes but still uses the two hole jaws. Have the best of both worlds with the 3 screw jaws and the 2 screw jaws.

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