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Thread: Southern Magnolia

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    Southern Magnolia

    Came across a good chance to get my hands on a decent sized magnolia, anyone have experience with this wood, is it worth milling?

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    No personal experience, but Angel City Lumber definitely thinks so:

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    Yea it seems alright, might keep 1 or 2 slabs to sell and just turn the rest into dimensional lumber for myself.

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    Nathan, a number of years ago I milled the oldest magnolia tree in the Raleigh, NC. The tree was dying and had a hollow trunk for the bottom 8’ of so, but it yielded some incredibly pretty lumber.

    Here is how some of it turned out. These are cabinets installed in the Nature Research Center in Raleigh.


    By all means I would suggest that you have it milled and dried.

    When milling wide boards it’s always best to mill 1/4” or so thicker than normal so that you have adequate room for millwork post drying.

    Best of success to you.

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