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Thread: First Efforts

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    First Efforts

    I got interested in spoon carving last year and finally picked up a couple of the correct tools. My first two efforts are shown below (crappy phone photo). The larger of the two is from a slab of Mulberry I've had around for years. It was hard as stone. The smaller scoop is from a maple branch tripped from a tree in my yard. Green wood sure is easier to carve. Both are clearly amateur grade, but I enjoyed learning about how the carving process works. I need to find some good clear wood to work with. Luckily I have a maple tree slated for removal this year.

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    Looks good! Look forward to seeing more, soon!
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    I'd call them practical user grade, and they are deep enough to move some 'gredients without spilling, "Keep a goin' ".

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