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Thread: Walnut vase with insight

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    Walnut vase with insight

    Hi all

    This time I turned a deco vase out of an old walnut block with 107KG, but there were some pitfalls to this object, but I am very satisfied with the result, the foot will be shortened after the final drying and brought into shape

    Linkt to Video


    Best regards

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    Very interesting form. Did the original blank have the hollow areas or were those added?

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    Looks more like "Clearview" than insight. Good job . Fun piece to get comments.

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    I like it. I wouldn't change a thing.

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    hi all

    @glen the original blank had it already, please watch the video

    @thomas thanks:-)
    @ edward Thanks :-)

    If you dount minde please subscribe it would help me alot

    best regards


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    Very nice that is beautiful. I will enjoy your YouTube video. Leland

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    thanks leland

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